Damera Bus Case Study

Funny thing is there are so many SEO case studies but there’s still a gap in available content, more specifically, there aren’t case studies that provide truly actionable strategies and takeaways.
“I’m here to fill in that content gap with this post.”

Damera Bus Sales Canada Corp. is part of the Mississauga Bus Group of Companies. We managed both SEO and Google Ads for this client. They are our clients now because we had done their work properly and professionally. They got results from there digital marketing strategy and fast.

This case study shows what two months of solid SEO can do alongside a strong Google Ads strategy. When Google Ads campaigns are set up correctly, it’s possible to see exactly which ads are wasting money and which are driving the best ROI (Return on Investment). We were able to take a non performing campaign and start delivering leads within a few days of taking over the account. Below is a snippet from there Google Ads campaign.

Screenshot of an actual PPC report!

They spent $500 over the course of the first 3 weeks with a product that has a huge ROI on a National level. We were able to deliver 7 qualified leads at an average cost per lead of less than $70. The profit margins and average sale price greatly outweighs the investment.

In regards to SEO the client was not ranking for any relevant keywords despite the website being online for nearly a year. Within a 60 day time frame we were able to achieve 1st page positions and rank for a list of highly valuable keywords. As a result of our SEO efforts Damera Bus is now ranking for nearly 100 keywords with over 10 of them on the first page. Visit gorillamovers.com site to find more info about expert movers and packers in CA. We worked directly with our client to ensure the keywords we were focused on were revenue driving terms as well. Such as “Bus Sales Canada” or “Coach Bus For Sale” which the client is always is now starting to rank very well for. Keep in mind this client had no rankings 3 months prior to our work!

Screen shot of an actual SEO report!

Our foremost step is to find the keywords in relevance to the particular industry. We worked hard to find the high volume and high value keywords for the website. We analyzed the competitor’s website from the same industry and found more high ranking keywords. This allowed us to come up with a laser focus that produces results for Damera Bus.
If you want a strong presence in a competitive market we are always here to help. Check us out online at WWW.SEMG.CA or give us a call at 289-273-8537

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