Searching For Cambridge SEO Services?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is part of a holistic digital marketing strategy. If you want to take your online presence to a higher level, this can be a dependable source of new sales for your business. Unfortunately, many medium and small business owners in Ontario don’t have the expertise or team to get good results out of SEO.

Let’s assume you hired a generalist digital marketing team member with great expectations of higher search engine rankings and quality leads. But search engines like Google are not sending you the expected organic visitors. This could be a sign of the need for an improved strategy.

Besides, meddling with cheap Cambridge SEO experts that often fail to deliver value cannot help you meet goals.

Before we get into what makes search engine optimization a proven channel for local businesses, let’s explore the benefits first. In the end, you’ll discover how best to go about getting your website to rank, whether you have an in-house marketing team or not.

    Benefits of Search Engine Optimization For Small Businesses

    First, you can look at it from this concept of the multiplier effect. In this context, it means that one effective strategy can have a positive impact on multiple business outcomes. Now, think about your lead generation, client acquisition, and long-term revenue goals for a second.

    What difference would a simple 2 – 10% increase in any of these metrics mean to you if it is achieved through a strategic monthly search engine optimization campaign?

    Below are the benefits you’ll experience if you start to invest properly in organic SEO as part of your overall digital marketing strategy.

    Growing Brand Awareness

    You’ve probably heard that in most business contexts, people buy from people they know, like, and trust. In this case, spending money to build a beautiful website is always good. But what if no one is coming to check that website on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis? Probably, you are always getting less than 5000, 500, or 100 visitors per month.

    The side effect of using search engines to grow your brand awareness is the growth of branded searches. These are people who search for your brand name in Google as a result of the recommendations from other satisfied customers. If done well, this could become an additional means of getting people to contact you via your sales phone line.

    Now, here what I want you to take away.

    ‘The real value of a business website is in its function, not form. How is your business website working for you at the moment? Are you getting enough prospects to hit your click-to-call button or contact form to reach you?

    picture of SEO related words

    Increased Buyer Traffic

    Here is another benefit you’ll experience when you hire a reputable Cambridge SEO agency that delivers proven results to local businesses in our area including Kitchener-Waterloo, and surrounding areas. Contrary to demographic digital marketing strategies, search engine traffic is behavioural. It is usually driven by intent, not demographic data points like age, sex, and employment status.

    When the purchase intent is high enough, we refer to website visitors as buyer traffic. And that is one benefit of SEO you’ll experience if you hire a team of experts that achieve higher search engine rankings.

    Higher Quality Leads

    Think about the key segments that your target customers belong to. When you look at them from the perspective of traffic generation channels, there is a likelihood that buying motivation is rarely equal among website visitors from each segment.

    When you grow the number of visitors coming from local SEO, the quality of prospects coming into your sales funnel will go up as a side effect. As a testament to this, Google revealed that around 78% of local searches on a mobile device often visit a physical location or make a purchase within 24 hours.

    Better Conversion Rate

    This is about the percentage of your website visitors who are being converted into sales. When your visitor-to-client conversion rate is very low or flat zero, it means that the quality of website traffic is very low as well.

    As you can see, getting higher rankings and website visitors is one thing. But converting those visitors into clients is a different challenge. If this is what your business is facing now, consider getting in touch with our team of experts instead of dealing with SEO companies that deliver mere vanity metrics.

    Consistent Revenue Generation

    Another interesting benefit of leveraging SEO services for small business marketing is the consistency of generating website visitors and sales. These are the key metrics that influence consistent revenue generation. It doesn’t have to be feast today and famine tomorrow.

    When you are busy trying to deliver your services to one client or engage potential customers on a sales call, a higher search engine position from SEO can be bringing you new business.

    Why SEO Works for Small Businesses

    If you don’t understand how and why SEO works for local businesses in Cambridge, Ontario, it might be hard to have confidence in the process. This gets even harder if you have hired one of the Cambridge SEO experts that failed to deliver good results.

    While there are so many reasons why Google search engine optimization work well, let me hint you on a few of them. Here are the reasons why you should start investing in your online presence within Cambridge, Kitchener-Waterloo, and other surrounding areas in Canada.


    Instead of distracting local business owners in Cambridge via cold calls and emails, increased Google ranking can help you to engage potential clients immediately when they are in an active buying mode. This is where the concept of search-based purchase intent is centered.

    Local Search Intent

    One other interesting is that you can choose the location from where you want to attract potential customers or clients in Canada. Done very well, you can leverage proven local SEO strategies to attract customers searching for your products or services within Cambridge.

    For example, in our campaign, we use local search queries like ‘SEO Cambridge, Cambridge SEO services, Cambridge SEO company, SEO services Ontario, ‘cost of SEO Cambridge, Ontario SEO companies, SEO Cambridge Ontario, SEO Cambridge companies’. Now, think about how you can use your service description plus location-centric search queries.

    Even when you are busy at a local networking conference, SEO can be working and bringing new deals for your small business growth. All you have to do is make some team members available for consultation or sales calls.

    Measurable Outcomes

    Unlike some other internet marketing strategies, the outcome of your search engine optimization campaign can be measured and improved over time. For example, it is very possible to measure the volume of website visitors coming from high-value keywords as well as the number of prospective clients generated through specific pages or sales phone lines.

    Important Parts of Effective SEO Strategy

    Whether you are doing the work yourself or you want to outsource to a Cambridge SEO services company, it is important to understand the key factors that make SEO effective. This will help you to measure success before getting into a consultation or hiring an agency to improve first-page rankings on Google and Bing. Take these factors into account even though you might not be directly responsible for tracking SEO performance metrics.

    Keyword Research

    Keyword research is one of the most influential parts of effective SEO, especially within Google. To a large extent, keyword research determines the intent behind every website visit.

    Now let me ask, are you generating the majority of your website traffic from buyer keywords or informational search queries? If you don’t know the difference, consider getting in touch with an agency that has a team of experts to put you in the right direction.

    You can start by finding a company that provides free SEO audit. A simple consultation will get you started on that.

    Content Creation

    Creating and publishing more content on your blog is one proven strategy to increase the number of search terms bringing ready buyers to your website. Unfortunately, many business owners go straight into content creation with keywords selected out of intuition or guesswork. Here is one of the main factors that limit SEO success among local business owners.

    Mind you, some web designers are not fully aware of this because they are not SEO experts.

    To increase the level of effectiveness, you may want to learn how competition analysis can help with better content creation. In simple terms, it is about looking at the competition on the first-page to analyze what is working today, not what worked yesterday.

    Link Building

    Search engine optimization has many moving parts. However, if you are serious about leveraging Google’s first page ranking for a consistent inflow of higher quality leads, your content or website deserves some backlinks to rank well.

    These digital footprints are like votes counting in favour of your website. Without a proactive link-building strategy, you’ll be set behind the competition when it comes to getting higher quality leads from specific keywords relating to your service in Cambridge, Ontario.

    On-Page SEO

    This is about the actual optimization happening on your website. On-page search engine optimization is a key factor here based on the fact that nothing else will work if your website is not technically compliant with today’s web design and user experience (UX) conventions. Paramount among all on-page SEO ranking factors is website loading speed.

    This is one salient but technical factor that most business owners ignore. But why should you care? Your website is probably looking aesthetically appealing.

    What if the current loading speed is so slow that it results in a high bounce rate while limiting your lead generation potential?

    Final Thoughts

    As a business owner, there is no point trying to achieve mastery over these things. There is a great chance you have a tightly filled day-to-day and week-to-week schedule. However, if you are in charge of outsourcing things like SEO, having a foundational knowledge of these things is very important.

    For one thing, it will put you in a better bargaining position when you are searching for Cambridge SEO services. Interestingly, just the same way you are searching for SEO consultants in Cambridge, Ontario, some other people are searching for your service while you are reading this. To find out the current status of your website and what needs to be done to reach your revenue goals, get in touch to request a free SEO audit today.