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Do you want your business to be visible when potential clients search for services that you offer?

Of course, you do. And you can be visible if you pay attention to what we are about to tell you.

You need SEO Services!
We’ll tell you why.

Statistics from the world’s biggest leaders in digital marketing reveal that:

A whopping 68% of all online experiences start from a search engine
As much as 53.3% of all website traffic is received through organic search

That means if your business is not leveraging the power of the search engine, you are losing on business opportunities that are basically being served to you on a platter.

Google search engine optimization can do more for you than you can imagine.
And that’s not all.

SEO has the power to bring more than 1000% traffic than organic social media
As meagre as 0.78% of Google users end up clicking on results from search engine results page 2

So, if your business hasn’t made it to page ONE, odds are that you will miss out on the power of the search engines altogether since it’s as true for other search engines like Yahoo and Bing too.

The great news is that you can do something about it. SEO marketing is the ingenious art that can help you strategize and implement the best practices to be on top of local search engine optimization.

The trick is to appear on the FIRST page of search engine results and be found, be CLICKABLE, be of value.

At Search Engine Media Group, we assure you that we will be the best SEO partner agency you could have asked for.

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How SEO services from search engine media group can help your business

Better Online Visibility

Augmented Website Traffic

Relevant Phone Calls and Leads

Increased Sales and Profits

If you are a local business that needs more than survival, not leveraging local SEO services is as bad as turning a willing customer away. Do the right thing. Make yourself VALUABLE!

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423%Spike in website traffic

I couldn’t possibly have done anything better than hiring Search Engine Media Group. When it comes to getting you there, they will. From fixing the issues in the website to ranking it on page 1, they did everything perfectly. I could not have imagined the traffic to spike four-fold.


Why a local SEO consultant can take your business places

Contrary to the claims that SEO is slow, it really depends on the acumen of the SEO company how soon or late they can get you to the top of the search engine results. Organic lead generation is something that businesses may not be able to do on their own. Let Search Engine Media Group lead the way by giving your business a personality, making it more visible than ever, and helping you sell more.

Close to 92% of all website traffic comes from google search, google images, and google maps.

#1 organic result on google SERP has an average click through rate of 31.7%.

76% of users, who look for a nearby seller/service on their smartphone, pay a visit within a day.

Close to 93% of all local buyers pick a business from google my business results on page 1.

Nearly 30% of total global mobile searches are location-related, like “seo agency near me.”

Close to 39% of total global purchases are inspired by a related search on a search engine.

Just about 0.16% of the most searched keywords bring around 60% of all traffic, meaning you have tough competition.

Reviews from yelp appear in the top 5 results on serp for as many as 92% of google queries. Reviews matter for buyers.

Our SEO services help nurture local small businesses
But at the end, it’s about beating your competition. Are you up for it?
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268%Increase in ROI

Being the owner of a small local business, I had put in a lot of thought before investing in a local SEO company. My expectations were high and I was almost fretting over it when we started. But by the time I knew how SEO was working for me, I was already reaping an increased ROI. I will totally recommend Search Engine Media Group.

Don’t operate in the dark. Be at the same page as us, monitor our and your progress with a real-time SEO dashboard.
Get Clarity in Your Business

See how the campaigns are progressing—what’s been done, what’s being done, and what’s to be done. Get a comprehensive view.

View and compare important KPIs and metrics—traffic, relevant phone calls, prospects, leads, all at one place.

Move with confidence as everything is being done transparently. You know where your money and our efforts are going.

Become a business that we can show off

Find out more about how you can be the next business to make it big through traffic and conversions.

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The key to finding the right local SEO company lies in looking for a partner and not just a service

SEO, especially for small businesses, doesn’t just mean trying to push your business’s ranking up. It means doing all that you can to beat your competitors. And to be able to do that, you need a partner who knows your business and your market, and of course, deep SEO knowledge and some innovative SEO techniques.


Our client businesses that rank on google SERP 1


Our clients who chose us as a second choice after being disillusioned by their first choice


Clients that hired us as referrals of our other clients

Choose an SEO agency that works where others often fail.

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Why we’re just the SEO specialists that you need

Let’s face the fact that there’s no dearth of web development and SEO agencies that offer to do the job for you. And in all honesty, everyone gets hired for the job. But, does every business end up ranking at #1? Our client businesses do. So, there must be something about Search Engine Media Group that is uniquely different and why we usually have a waiting list. Yes, there is!

We specialize in prioritize SEO for local small businesses

SEO for local small businesses is not the same as for global enterprises. We specialize in working for the local businesses. And since we don’t have bigger fish to fry (because we are dedicated to the local cause), you can rely on us for knowledge as well as performance.

Tailor made strategy and implementation for your local business

No two businesses are alike even if they are selling the same products or services. To become visible up ahead on the search engines, a business needs a tailor made plan. There is no one-size-fits-all formula. And even if there were, we’d still treat each project with special care.

We honour the exclusivity of services with a contract

How do you trust a local SEO company to keep your SEO strategy a secret from your competitors? Isn’t it possible for an agency to do the same things for them as they are doing for you? We ensure that we don’t. And we honor that promise with paperwork that renders our services inaccessible to your competitors.

Transparent reporting on ongoing SEO activities and progress

The easiest thing to do in this world is make tall claims; the most difficult, to live upto these claims. As we offer to do the best SEO marketing for your business, we do it transparently. We let you see what we do. Our reporting is clean, regular, and even real-time. Trust us for what we promise, and see it get delivered, literally.

Promote your local business…
With local SEO services
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Frequently asked questions about our SEO services?

Search engine optimization, as the name suggests, is the practice of optimizing your website and related content for major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing. It majorly aims at improving the quantity as well the quality of traffic coming to your website through organic searches by users on search engines. It includes a set of activities that are carried out over a period of time to achieve the said results.

The major difference between SEO and paid adverts is that the former brings you traffic for which you do not need to pay. If a user clicks on an organic SEO generated result, you as a business, do not end up paying for that visit.

On the other hand, with paid advertising, which is usually done on a pay-per-click model, you need to pay the hosting search engine for each visit/click.

While both work in the way of getting your business better traffic, SEO is more of a durable, ongoing process that will sustain your rankings on search engines over a considerable period of time. SEO can always be supplemented with paid advertisement but not replaced with it.

SEO works to increase the traffic to your website as well as ensure that the quality of these leads is good, i.e. relevant to your business. This in turn translates into better opportunities for business and better chances of closing leads. And that obviously means better earnings.

Search engines algorithms pay special attention to locational searches. So, when some searched for “pizza place near me,” you should have the advantage of the location (of being a local business). This is very different from the case of global businesses.

So, when it comes to local SEO for small business, you need optimization for local results. SEO can help you be more visible locally and grab better business from those users searching for your product or service nearby.

It usually takes anything from 3 months to a year for SEO marketing to show results. But there are never hard and fast time spans. The strategy and the success of the strategy depends on the nature of your business and how much competition you have in the market.

On the other hand, decent SEO for about a year can make a good footprint of your business on search engines.

Every kind. You can be a product-based or a service-based business; a small or midsize business or an enterprise, a startup or an already flourishing business, and SEO will still work for you.

It’s an easy process. You simply fill out or form for a FREE consultation call. We get back to you real quick. We showcase the kind of work we’ve done and all that we can do for you. We walk you through our SEO process and how our pricing works. We take any questions or doubts that you have and help you there. If that appeals to you and when we are both on the same page, we go ahead with the hiring process.

Hiring and payments can be done in person or remotely. We’re flexible as per your needs.

At each step of the way we will make it clear to you what we are going to do for you.

- We will strategize.
- We will document.
- We will implement.
- We will report.

We will do it at regular intervals so that the progress is transparent. You will have access to all dashboards that measure success. We can meet and connect as often as you would like.

Totally Dedicated To Getting You More Visibility And Leads

By creating useful content, earning more links to your website from around the web, and making technical SEO changes to your website we double or triple your traffic from search engines.

  • Target your pages with keyword research
  • Spy on your competitors and beat them in search
  • Get more leads, and monthly reporting
A consultation is free and there’s no obligation.
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