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All the videos below have scholarly value, but all are also powerful and beautiful films that work amazingly well on big and small screens in the wider public domain, and in film festivals, too. Screen media-maker and publisher of scholarly video essays, and a former professor of screen studies. I’m always interested in video essays’ attempts to analyse the relationship between video and sound.

how to write commentary in an argumentative essay

A final sentence that states why your ideas are important to the wider subject area. Where the introduction goes from general to specific, the conclusion needs to go from specific back out to general. Imagine you are a yacht being blown by the weight of evidence for different positions as you read. You may have thought you were heading for position A but you may be swayed by the strength of the evidence directing you to different places. Your task is to get a feel for the range of viewpoints and decide which you feel you could argue most effectively. Sometimes it can be useful to purposefully argue a point of view that you disagree with .

Study Plan

Zig-zag editing of noir films, between Martin Arnold and a broken record. A looping effect turns into a hypnotic journey through recurring tropes, gestures and glances. It’s sprawling and digressive, with a daunting running time, but by episode five I never wanted it to end. What a forgotten pleasure it is to see clips play long, for the time to think with and against the essayist, and for theses to emerge, full of thorniness, from a space of lifelong consideration and contradiction.

how to write commentary in an argumentative essay

And if you watch Maíra’s video you will know that I mean this literally. This precious discovery from the 2022 Marienbad Film Festival also adopts the form of a desktop documentary. It focuses on images that almost every computer user from the 2000s took for granted – the default Windows and Mac wallpapers.

Write A Detailed Plan

McKenna posits that Tarkovsky’s Solaris is a direct reaction to Kubrick’s 2001, and he juxtaposes many synced movie clips to demonstrate his thesis. body paragraph sentence starters I may not agree with him, but I could look at these juxtapositions all day, from sheer admiration for technical interplay between the two films.

  1. Phonetics and phonology – the sound system of a language; for example, its phonemes and prosody .
  2. An exhaustive but eminently watchable video that ultimately reclaims Gears of War as far more than a bro-y cover shooter.
  3. This avoids results that are disappointing to both the teacher and the student.
  4. Each body paragraph will contain the evidence you’ve already planned out to support it.
  5. The secret of teaching any skill is to provide practice and repetition over a period of time.
  6. Again, a strong authorial presence makes these archival snippets meaningful and enables Zecchi to reconcile subjective imagination with historical validity.

Your plan should also include your 2-3 supporting reasons (the reasons why you’ve chosen to take a particular stance or make a certain claim). Overuse of social media is dangerous because it limits face-to-face interaction, and studies show it increases anxiety and depression while decreasing self-esteem. You can format your plan using whatever method works best for you. In this article, we’ll explain why planning actually saves you time, plus how can i be a good american essay give you tips on how to create an effective plan for any essay or paper. Christopher Fielden and all the other contributing authors published via this website have asserted their right under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 to be identified as the authors of these works. I want to write a novel about a girl’s life – inspirational, loving, entertaining mood swings, family, schooling and her entire life in different situations.

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If you wish to review or edit your essay response, click on the question number that it relates to. These three components are, the presence of a distinctive writing style , defamiliarisation, and the reader engaging in a feeling in a new or what is an argumentative text unfamiliar way. Literary critic David Miall wrote about the components of literariness. He said that any piece of work that was literary would possess three key components. These were a distinct style, defamiliarisation, and new experience.

how to write commentary in an argumentative essay

While being sophisticated is great, legal jargon if not used correctly or appropriately can weaken your essay. There are plenty of channels on Breadtube which purport to do the same, but the wide-ranging analysis and formal playfulness of The Nukes marks it out as a channel to watch. An English professor in his day job, Joshua Geist brings a ‘close reading’ analysis to children’s media on his channel . I could watch history lessons about arcane theme park history all day and Perjurer’s the best in the biz. The combination of one of my favourite films with one of my favourite ways of working was probably always going to appeal, and it was intriguing to finally see some clips from Die Trapp-Familie. However, it is the clever weaving of both films with archival audio that really engaged me in Maria’s Marias, providing new perspectives on a much-loved story and its telling.

Final Language Analysis Quiz

Literary theory is the term used to describe the academic thoughts behind how literature is created. A metaphor is a literary term because it is a technique that can be used to cause an effect in a text. It is a type of figurative language and can help create defamiliarisation. Genre criteria is assessed by their overall look and imagery, how language is used, the literary techniques used, and the overall purpose of the work. Poetic and grammatical ending an essay with a question voices assess the presentation of the author or narrator in a text, and whether these voices imply a narrative action or the narrator’s identity. Literary representation explores the meaning of texts based on the linguistic techniques chosen by the author while analysing the relationship between the fictional world and reality. We can extrapolate various aspects of the text based on the language analysed and what we already know about the novel.

Always ask yourself when writing a sentence – is this contributing towards an answer to the question? You will never be faced with a question that demands only a regurgitation of your knowledge, such as ‘What were the main events in Russia between 1917 and 1921? There may be a straightforward question like ‘Why did the Bolsheviks come to power in 1917?

Include A Strong Thesis Statement

You could also use this technique when editing a draft for structure – check each paragraph and experiment with different connective phrases to see what the link between them is, and then whether your writing reflects this. Ultimately, the connective words will become embedded in your writing to signal your structure. See the later section on Communicating your structure effectivelyfor more guidance.

  1. Produced six nominees by different creators in a range of languages about films from all around the world.
  2. The 2022 video essay retrospective was compiled with the help of 44 voters for the ‘Best of’ or ‘Emerging voices’ sections.
  3. Loop implies difference, and multiplying the doors of entrance and comprehension.
  4. Aids the reader to explore the relationship between readers and characters.
  5. As opposed to ‘arguing’ in the everyday sense, ‘arguing’ in anthropology is not about asserting your personal opinion.
  6. However, the novel has six different narrators, allowing us to see many perspectives and understand the organic way different people see the world.

Decide which position to plan your essay around—but be prepared to revise it further if your ideas develop as you write. Try to approach the reading with an open mind, even if you think you already have an idea. If you find that you are using connective words and phrases that predominantly express the relationship of addition then it may be that your argument is not as complex or well-developed as it could be.

How to do language analysis?

This is usually the hardest question for students to answer and needs further division. Tell them to check for imagery, metaphors, rhyme, rhythm, alliteration, language etc. This is probably a good time to talk about the effects of rhyme and rhythm and also to look at diction/language. Tone is very important in this poem and it is worth discussing at this point. Tone is one of the most difficult qualities for students to determine.

how to write commentary in an argumentative essay

We published Shiplap at Transition, where it was brilliantly evaluated by two wonderful peer reviewers Terri Francis and Brandy Monk-Payton. For me, the work showed thematic essay definition how one can make politically and intellectually important work about the most banal vernacular forms of throwaway television in poetic and haunting ways.

How to write a language analysis

You can point out that since everyone has found a poem they thought worth sharing with the group, they may find others; so they can never, ever again say that they hate poetry. Not only will you have dented a prejudice but you will also have had a very enjoyable lesson, in which every student has participated. When students arrive in class at the beginning of the IB English A1 class they will often say they hate poetry. To counter this prejudice, hand out to every student a copy of a good poetry anthology and ask them to look through it and try to find a poem that they like . They will then have to read the poem to the class and say what they liked about it.

  1. The sequence where Steve Blum reads the ‘tears in the rain’ monologue from Blade Runner is my favourite video essay moment this year.
  2. Once you’ve conducted your research and had a chance to reflect on your topic, ask yourself whether you can prove your argument within the given word count or whether you would need to adopt a more modest position for your paper.
  3. When you’re asked to write an assignment you might immediately think of an essay, and have an idea of the type of writing style that’s required.
  4. This is an exercise in close reading which they can all do.
  5. This will be really good practice for getting in the mind of an examiner, which is key to getting high marks in the exam.
  6. Multiscreen juxtaposition sits at the foundation of videographic criticism.

By selecting only the scenes featuring Bell, and playing them backwards, Greene invites us to look critically at the representation of Blackness. Greene’s voiceover presents an explanatory narrative, but also reflects the author’s archival search and emphasises her own subject position, clearly speaking with a female voice and non-American accent. Published in Transition, Eva Hageman’s Shiplap takes a seemingly random and recurring item from the makeover television series Fixer Upper to expose histories of racism.

Essay writing: Conclusions

Kreutzer’s Footsteps, the collaborative Hands of the Future and Binotto’s Synced also got 5 mentions. The Filmkrant Thinking Machine series by Cristina Álvarez López and Adrian Martin is represented in the poll by 7 different videos. Choosing the right subjects can set up a student for life. Make sure your child starts the IB on the right foot by speaking with an EIB Consultant to pick the perfect subjects. Answers to the biggest questions about IB retakes for November 2021 and May 2022. If you’re writing the paper for an assessment, it’s likely that you’ll be provided with a prompt and a series of passages or texts.

  1. If the question has a historical part, political part and social part, remember that you need to address them all.
  2. Material about literary form (e.g. genre) is as significant.
  3. Narrative perspective encompasses the narrator’s voice, point of view, ideological worldview, and a focaliser .
  4. Have you found a good website with more advice about signalling words?
  5. Narrative perspective or point of view is the vantage point from which events of a story are filtered and then relayed to the audience.
  6. Divide the class into groups and ask each group to identify one of the features and decide what the effects are.

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