Top 85+ Web API Interview Questions 2023

As a result, the assemblies are immediately loaded when we start an EXE. On the other hand, we cannot share an EXE with other programs. We are here to help you prepare for your .NET Core Interview Questions.

Application development process with ASP.NET MVC is more complex compared with web forms-based applications. Here in mvc_servlet, the request is sent to the bean object, which acts as a model layer. By using “ActionLink” method as shown in the below code. The below code will make a simple URL that helps to navigate to the “Home” controller and invoke the “GotoHome” action. There is a group of routes called the RouteCollection, which consists of registered routes in the application. The RegisterRoutes method records the routes in this collection. A route defines a URL pattern and a handler to use if the request matches the pattern.

What is ViewState information stored?

The best practice is to have controllers based on functionality. For example, if you have a form for input and you need a controller for that, create a controller called “form controller”. The default route prevents requests for a web resource file such as Webresource.axd or ScriptResource.axd from being passed to the controller. The Controllers Folder contains the controller classes responsible for handling user input and responses. MVC requires the name of all controllers to end with “Controller”.

What are the basic interview questions in .Net?

We can highlight several basic questions that should be on .Net interview:

Mention what is unchecked keyword?The entry point in the program, where and when it exists?String and StringBuilder their main differences?Mention what are out and ref keywords?ValueType and ReferenceType their main differences?OOP basic principles?Abstract class and Interface their main differences between?Mention what is .NET Namespaces?Mention what is MSIL in .NET ?Mention what are the functions .NET Assembly performs?Mention what is .Net Assembly Manifest?

In ASP.Net MVC Partial views are used to have reusability in the application. Area is used to store the details of the modules of our project. This is really helpful for big applications, where controllers, views and models are all in main controller, view and model folders and it is very difficult to manage.

Explain the concept of  Default Route in MVC

Our application works just like a configuration provider. It helps to retrieve the value from the various configuration sources like XML file.

Kestrel is an event-driven, I/O-based, open-source, cross-platform, and asynchronous server which hosts .NET applications. It is provided as a default server for .NET Core therefore, it is compatible with all the platforms and their versions which .NET Core supports. The coming request object is sent to “MvcHandler” instance to create the object of controller class. Once the controller class object is created, it calls the “Execute” method of the controller class. ASP.NET MVC is the most popular and widely used framework for creating web applications among .NET technology.


So in the above code snippet “TestAction” is the original action name and in “ActionName” attribute, name — “TestActionNew” is given. So the caller of this action method will use the name “TestActionNew” to call this action. In other words, out of 250 applicants, only the best ones are hired. TestDome is an automated pre-employment skill testing platform that assesses mvc programmer candidates’ job fitness through real-world job experience. Employers can use it to hire the best candidates for a role quickly by offering work skill tests to their prospects. It provides tests that support various industries, such as accounting, programming, project management, customer service, and more. Mocha is the global provider of ready-to-use online tests.

  • The View logic takes care of the data’s display, aka the user interface.
  • The below code will create a simple URL which helps to navigate to the “Home” controller and invoke the Gotohome action.
  • Each unit has its own MVC folder structure and model, view, and controller folders.
  • These templates permit you to design and build a fully functional website.
  • Visual Studio project templates for MVC include preconfigured URL routes.
  • It can be consumed by a range of clients including web browsers, desktop and mobile applications.

Controller — Request sent by the user always scatters through controller and it’s responsibility is to redirect to the specific view using View() method. ASP.NET MVC test also includes programming tasks with code review challenges to test the MVC skills of the candidates. This provided you the information about the experience of the candidate, their approach to code quality, and the efficiency of debugging and finding traps. Screening is not just looking through the candidate’s CV and calling him for the interview.

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