Will Investing in Google Ads Boost Your Online Campaigns?


There are some instances when you need more than SEO to boost your traffic. While ranking high in Google through organic search is a great method, you still need to use another weapon in the search engine’s arsenal. The best weapon to use in this case is pay-per-click (PPC) advertising using Google Ads.

What is PPC Advertising?

This mode of online marketing allows advertisers to pay search engines the sum of a specific fee whenever the ad is clicked.  In Google’s case, its PPC ads appear at the topmost part of a search page. This position makes your ad more visible than entries that achieve the top spot through SEO.

Reasons for Investing in Google Ads

When done right, this ad method is an affordable and effective way to improve the exposure of your business in Google. Why so? Here are some reasons:

  • You Can Get a Fast Response

Competition in the online world is fierce. Sometimes, you need instant results to be in a better position above your competitors. Even if you are hiring the best SEO professionals, there are still times when your website won’t make it on the top of search page results quickly. This is the right time to invest in PPC advertising.

Despite its efficacy, SEO takes a lot of effort and time, especially if you’re just a start-up. Even top SEO specialists cannot assure a good placement of your company name on the search page in months or even years. The best way to do that is through Google Ads.

  • Budget-friendly

In this advertising method, you can only be charged only when a searcher clicks the ad. With this feature, you only pay for the number of clicks unlike in traditional ad business model, where you need to pay for the ad space regardless whether it is clicked or not. What’s more, you have is a big assurance that the people browsing your site is interested in the product or service you are promoting.

  • You’re in Control

Investing in PPC advertisement gives you a better control in ad placement, target audience and the devices where the ads will be displayed.

As a marketer, choosing the position (especially at the topmost part) where you will place your ads is important.

Moreover, this marketing mode allows you to target the keywords and market with precision.

Lastly, you can also limit the visibility of your ad to only desktop or mobile users.

  • You Can Measure and Track Progress

This advertising method is also a great way to gauge the effectiveness of your campaign. By counting the number of clicks and conversion rate, you don’t need to be an expert to know the success of your marketing efforts. Of course, you still need experts to provide you with an accurate picture of what is going on behind your marketing efforts.

  • It Works Well with Other Online Marketing Methods

Investing in PPC ads is an integral part of the entire online marketing mix. This set of channels includes SEO, content marketing and email marketing. Expert marketers know that to dominate the competition, they need to invest in all the media.

To know more about how your business will benefit from Google Ads, consult with leading digital marketing companies such as the Search Engine Media Group.




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