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 I’m sharing a case study from one of our recent clients Tailor Law. We managed to make major improvements for this client in a very short period of time. We managed both SEO and Google Ads for this client. You’ve probably heard the following quote attributed to John Wanamaker,

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.”

When Google Ads campaigns are set up correctly, it’s possible to see exactly which ads are wasting money and which are driving the best ROI (Return on Investment). The problem is that many businesses run ads without Google Ads set up correctly or little to no knowledge of how to properly manage a Google Ads account. This results in wasted money, loss of potential business and wasted time. This is why you need a pro and Google partner to ensure your money is working effectively for you and resulting in more customers not just more money spent.

The month before we started managing the account, our client spent $10,000 and generated $48,535 in revenue in 1 month. Within 60 days of managing the account we brought monthly revenues from $48,535 in September 2018 up to $87,628 in November 2018.  That’s an increase of 81% with the same ad spend.

We also managed to decrease the ad spend to $6,500 within a 6 month time frame.  That’s a decrease of 35% in ad costs that generated 81% more revenue. We did this by using single keyword ad groups, ensuring our tracking was set up correctly and constantly grooming the account. We also implemented a single keyword ad group strategy which also improved our visibility to over 90% month over month.

What can a leading online home search destination do to increase online visibility in a rapidly changing digital market? Implement Dynamic Search Ads (DSAs), of course. Used the AdWords tool to expand its online visibility, increase click-through rates, and lower costs.

  • Expand online visibility at scale
  • Achieve higher return on investment
  • Drive more conversions

“DSA is a very intuitive and efficient tool that allows us to capture long-tail search terms. We’re able to increase coverage of these searches while generating the best ad copy and landing page for a specific user.”

Sure, we did all the ad management best practices and that contributed to the overall success, but the real secret to this account’s success was so simple I’m almost embarrassed to admit it. The big improvements were made by turning off “losing” campaigns and investing more money into the “winning” campaigns.

Another huge part of creating traffic driving in SEO content is targeting a group of related keywords instead of just one. SEO requires effort up front, once you rank for keywords that are related to your target audience and ideal consumer then your website will get more traffic, more leads/conversions and ultimately more sales. A URL strategy can help with SEO, user experience, and boost current marketing incentives.

Screen shot of actual monthly SEO report

One important caveat before we jump in: I’m not suggesting that what I’m about to tell you are the only way to succeed with SEO. Every campaign and niche will have different nuances, and some strategies that might work great for one industry may not be as effective in another.

That being said, there are several principles throughout this case study that you can apply to pretty much any SEO campaign you’ll ever run.

1 – Learn What Your Customers Are Really Searching For.

2- Create Pages Optimized For Search.

3-Make Sure Your Website is Accessible To Both Search Engines And Humans

4-Build Back links From Other Websites

5-Track Your SEO Success Effectively

The client was already ranking for nearly 60 different keywords but none of them were in 1st page positions or of any real value until we started working with them. As a result of our SE efforts we were ranking for nearly 200 keywords with over 20 of them on the first page. We worked directly with our client to ensure the keywords we were focused on were revenue driving terms as well. Such as “Mississauga Divorce Lawyer” which the client is always in the top 3 for.

Search Engine Optimization is a mixture of both on-site and off-site duties and tasks. If these tasks are not aligned with a firm understanding of your business goals and ideal client then how can SEO be done correctly or effectively? We take a very targeted approach to our SEO campaigns. Without what we call a targeted focus group of keywords we would be like sharp shooters without a target.

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